We are marriage mentors who offer inspirational talks at events that include bridal showers, baby showers, couples retreats, ladies’ meetings and online forums as well as solutions on various family matters and concerns.

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Reviews From Our Clients

Dear Faith, I really enjoyed your words of wisdom. I felt guided and encouraged. Be blessed for you are letting God work within and without you. Thanks a lot, Faith. God bless you.





Faith, it was great having you at the bridal shower. How I wished time would not stop so you could keep talking to us. Thanks so much for being real; I envy your faith in God. Hope to have more sessions with you.


Thank you, Faith Murithi, for gracing us with your presence and for keeping it real at my bridal shower. You opened your heart completely to us and, above all, you took us where it truly matters — at the feet of Jesus! May your ministry grow in leaps and bounds as many more ladies are impacted by your wonderful calling. God bless you immensely!

Joanne Muturi

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