Program Director – Jane Kuria
About Jane

Jane is passionate about building marriages and relationships because she is tuned to the reality of marriage having lived with her husband for 12 years. She is not immune to the conflicts and chaos that sometimes engulf married couples but is very much aware of the whoops of joy, celebrations, glee, blissful moments, happiness, comfort, security, attachment, and exuberance that come as a result of having another person to do life with. She has experienced that with her husband on a very deep level in those years they have been together.

Jane’s Story

At a very young age, she knew exactly what she didn’t want in a husband. She wasn’t looking for the tallest cutest looking man, but someone who would respect her, never hit her and was willing to team up with her so they could create their happily ever after fairy tale. After the honeymoon phase faded off, and three children down the road, she realized it is not easy to have another person in her life. Their personalities, principles, backgrounds,…started colliding. “Where was this fairly tale that everyone kept talking about?” Did someone not tell her the truth? As Jane and her husband were both fumbling and trying to find their groove, they realized the two of them were teaching each other something. They were both open to learning which helped greatly. They also believed in the power of God to transform their marriage by being willing to play our part. Jane is about to finish her Master’s of Arts in Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family therapy. It is her desire that you will join her in building marriages and preparing our young men and women to become the best versions of themselves as God designed all of us to be.


Nairobi, Kenya


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