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Setting the tone — Christian Bridal Showers

Being showered with gifts, love and attention is fun for brides of all ages. Before the festivities begin, however, set the tone of the bridal shower with a Bible verse that illustrates who the bride is, and what type of shower to expect.

How to Dress for a Bridal Shower

Be modest and respectable in your choice of clothing. In most cases, a bridal shower is different from a bachelorette party; the latter is often a little wilder and less formal. Bridal showers are mixed events, complete with family, close friends and acquaintances. Because photos will be taken, you want to behave and look appropriate.

Signing the Bride-to-be Guest Book

Here is a choice of short messages to include in your guest-book note:

  • Congratulations on your upcoming marriage;
  • Best wishes on your bridal shower;
  • Much happiness to the bride and groom;
  • Best wishes to a beautiful bride;
  • May laughter and love fill your lives together;
  • Happiest wishes for a very special shower.

Always leave behind your contacts. That way, the bride-to-be can send a thank-you note after the shower.

Leaving Positive Memories for the bride-to-be

Those who plan and those who attend bridal showers hope to create positive memories for the bride. As such, decorations, food and gifts need to focus on the bride. Gifts help prepare the bride-to-be for her new home and her new life. But while the bridal shower is special, the bride-to-be also needs tangible reminders of that special day.


  • Print a poem and frame it
  • Fashion the guest book into a memory book

(Take a photo of each guest and glue it in the memory book against the guest’s signature.)



Popular Bridal Shower Themes
Tea Party

A tea party is a timeless theme. Serve tea along with finger foods such as scones, mini sandwiches and petit fours. For a touch of fun, have each guest wear a fancy hat and gloves — and decorate one especially for the bride! Less involved than a dinner party, the tea-party theme is perfect for a mid-afternoon celebration.

Room of the House

Each guest is assigned a room of the house and brings a gift to be used in that room. As for party décor, anything goes! Use your imagination to create a homey feel for your Room-of-the-House party. Assemble guests by a crackling fireplace or bathe in candlelight while indulging in a selection of the bride’s favorite comfort foods.

Stock the Pantry

Have each guest write their favorite recipe on a recipe card and bring the card along with all non-perishable ingredients for the recipe in a box or gift basket. As favors, give each loving chef a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters or a personalized spice jar filled with your favorite homemade treats.


If you’d rather not leave much to the imagination when planning a shower, plan a lingerie party! Set the mood with candles, chocolates and plenty of red floor-pillows for guests to lounge on. Ask each guest to bring a gift of lingerie for the bride and give a scented sachet for each to tuck into her own lingerie drawer.

Honeymoon Shower

Whether it’s an exotic beach in Tahiti or a snowy peak in Tahoe, a honeymoon shower celebrates the couple’s honeymoon destination. This is a wonderful theme for couple’s wedding showers as well as bridal showers. Gifts and decorations should follow the theme. Take a look at Beau-coup’s extensive array of travel wedding shower favors for inspiration!

Favorite Memories

Life is all about the memories. So why not give the bride and your shower guests memories to last a lifetime? Ask each guest to bring a gift or memento representing a favorite moment shared with the bride. Or, for a trendy twist, ask each guest to create a scrapbook page in advance of the shower. Assemble each page in a scrapbook for the bride and present it the day of the shower. Since guests will be in the mood for memory-making, provide disposable cameras and give glass photo coasters or personalized photo albums as favors.



The Ice Breaker
 Biblical Diva

Allow each person 30 seconds to answer the question, “If you were a Biblical diva, who would you be and why?” Let them write the name of their chosen diva on a name tag and wear it during the party.

Biblical Wives

Give your guests 30 seconds or a minute to list as many Biblical wives as they can. The person who lists the most correct names wins.

Bible Couples

Have your guests list as many Bible couples as they can. The person who lists the most couples wins.

What’s-in-a-Word Game

How many words can your guests find in the word that you choose? For example, if you write the word “CHRISTIANITY” at the top of a sheet of paper, have your guests use the letters in the word to create more words. The person who lists the most words wins.

Who am I?

Describe the character of a woman in the Bible and ask who she is. The person who answers correctly wins.

The Purse Game

We all have loads of stuff in our purses. But let’s see if your guests have enough of the right stuff in their purse to win this game! Have someone call out the names of items that are “normally” found in a woman’s purse. Pre-assign a point value to each of those items on your purse-game list. Each person adds up her own points as the game progresses. The woman who has the most points at the end of the game wins.



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