A bridal shower, often termed a hen’s party, is an event thrown by the maid-of-honor together with the bridesmaids, the purpose of which is to bestow gifts upon the bride. In other words, the party serves as a forum at which to ‘shower’ the bride with gifts. The showered gifts go a long way toward facilitating the progress of homemaking for the bride and her husband. One of the most enduring gifts you can accord a bride is to invite an Inspirational Speaker to grace the bridal shower. Serving to empower the bride on the marriage and the relationship from that day forward, the bridal-shower speech, such as that offered by FAMU Bridal Solutions, goes a long way. But FAMU Bridal Solutions offers Inspirational Talks not only to empower the bride, but also to inspire everyone attending.

The Sapphire Package

A promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust.

Every marriage relationship needs to have the Sapphire aspect. Since ancient times the blue Sapphire (a stunning gemstone) represented a promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. To keep with this tradition, Sapphires are one of the most popular engagement gemstones today. A level of new beginnings ​where most marriages begin.

KSH 7,500

The Diamond Package

The ultimate gift. A symbol of eternal love.

A diamond is a testament of endurance and strength. Therefore it is not surprisingly the ultimate symbol of love. A level in marriage created not by the difficulties of life but by the manner in which a couple responds to those difficulties. This is when you realize you need endurance and strength because you faith and character is tested and refined.

KSH 10,000

The Ruby Package

The king of all gems; filled with love & courage.

The Ruby package seeks to nurture an all-round woman. It’s inclusive of all the features in Diamond, Sapphire and more. It’s every wife’s desire to achieve the level.​ ​A level when the gardener reaps the benefits of what was planted and nurtured in the first two levels. Filled with happiness, satisfaction, accomplishment, connection, peace, and fun.

KSH 15,000

Dear Faith, I really enjoyed my bridal shower. What inspired me was your teaching, especially on intimacy. I got educated on issues of intimacy and I can say I am enjoying my marriage, especially (the) intimacy. I was also inspired by your teaching on my role and my part as a wife, how to be prayerful as a wife, issues of conflict. I remember you gave an example and told us that you tell your husband when he has wronged you, that since you want to go to heaven you (forgive) him. I have come to understand that I should do the right thing and, occasionally, be the bigger person. I also thank God for my husband; he has really helped me a lot in shaping my character and been my great confidant, friend and teacher. You should also have a forum with married women and teach on after-the-wedding...living the marriage life. Thanks a lot, Faith. God bless you.


Jacquelyne M

Dear Faith, I really enjoyed your words of wisdom. I felt guided and encouraged. Be blessed for you are letting God work within and without you. Thanks a lot, Faith. God bless you.





Faith, it was great having you at the bridal shower. How I wished time would not stop so you could keep talking to us. Thanks so much for being real; I envy your faith in God. Hope to have more sessions with you.


Thank you, Faith Murithi, for gracing us with your presence and for keeping it real at my bridal shower. You opened your heart completely to us and, above all, you took us where it truly matters — at the feet of Jesus! May your ministry grow in leaps and bounds as many more ladies are impacted by your wonderful calling. God bless you immensely!

Joanne Muturi

Dear Faith, the bridal shower was great. The talk, especially, was inspiring. You could just tell by the faces of the attendants (that) everyone was so attentive and eager to hear more! You were real, giving your personal experiences, issues you have faced in relationships, how to handle them and the outcomes. It was just awesome! It started by acknowledging God in the relationship, His will for us in marriage. But you were real; you didn't hide issues behind the Bible: you talked about sex, handling finances, communication, etc. So informative, interesting, funny and revealing. Thank you very much

Linda Otieno


Nairobi, Kenya


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