Faith Murithi is a wife, mother, a gifted speaker, marriage mentor and a career woman with a background in Administrative Management.
In her own words

I have a passion for family. My greatest desire is to inspire all with a message of hope and Biblical truth, more so in relationships. My greatest investment is in books. I read as a lifestyle; I have read a book on every challenge I have encountered across the journey of my life.

Faith’s Story

Having been raised in a pastor’s home, I got to hear and know about God from an early age. My background notwithstanding, I was not exempt from life’s challenges. In fact, I endured traumas such as sexual abuse at the early age of six. As with other humans, I experienced a teenage season that was typified by the challenging search for an identity. I have also lived through broken relationships, including the harrowing ending of an 8-year relationship. At one time, I called off a wedding at the last minute. By God’s grace, though, I met my husband and got married at the age of 35. I have experienced the joy of God’s healing, mercy and forgiveness in my life. I share my story because every human’s family background influences one’s current relationships. Men and women who grew up in relatively healthy, functional families make healthy adjustments in their marriage and relationships in general. If our family of origin was riddled with such problems as alcoholism, abuse, infidelity or mental illness, we tend to carry forth our dysfunctional expectations into subsequent relationships, often with dire relational consequences. Awareness of your family history is central to changing your relational narrative. As a gifted speaker, and guided by the words of wisdom in (1 Corinthians 12:4-11), I hope to draw people to a deeper walk with God. Often, I share my life experiences to encourage men and women to overcome life’s obstacles and get back on the road to living a fulfilled life, while inspiring their families. There is no greater investment than that which we make in our family.

Faith is an experienced Christian speaker who is well seasoned in the Word of God. I have listened to her during a bridal shower, giving all-rounded preparation for the bride-to-be as well as enriching those already married. She is conversant with all topics, ranging from matters of faith, communication, roles, financial management, parenting, conflict resolution, anger management, sexual relations, personality differences and relationships with in-laws” On another occasion when I listened to her as she spoke in our Church Ladies Fellowship on “How to Position Yourself for Growing Grace” it was evident that her knowledge is valuable for all, both young and old. Her talk enriched us greatly in our relationships with God, self, spouses, children, jobs, church and community. Faith has such passion for enhancing wholesome living that her audience’s attention is fully captured throughout her talk. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any group of people desiring to gain from her knowledge and experience. To God be all the glory.
— Phydilora Mumo, Counseling Psychologist and Member of AIC Milimani Church Women’s Ministries, Nairobi.


Nairobi, Kenya


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