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God using ordinary women to do the extra-ordinary in transforming families in Africa. FAMU Solutions incorporates the team skills, knowledge and wisdom in mentoring young women on Relationships and Marriage.


MRS. FAITH MURITHI, Joined the team 2009.

Faith Murithi is a wife, mother, a gifted speaker, a marriage mentor and a career woman with a background in Administrative Management. Faith has a passion for Marriage and relationships especially in the areas of foundations, spirituality and sex. As the vision bearer of Noble Woman, she believes in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. She is well known for her candid talk at bridal showers. Having been speaking at bridal showers since 2009 and interacting with women of diversity interests, she brings on team:

  •  8 years of Marriage Ministry.
  •  Excellent people skills.
  •  20 years of office management.
  •  A gift of revelation of the word of God on relationships.


MRS. JANE KURIA, Joined the team 2017.

Jane is a wife, mother, a career woman with a background in Education. Her passion for healthy relationships made her pursue Master’s of Arts in Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family therapy. Having lived in the US with her husband for 12 years, she is in tune with life’s challenges that come with distance relationships, and raising kids without a nanny. Jane is such a bubbly person. Meeting her will always remind you of the girl in you.

She brings on team:

  •  A platform for counselling.
  •  Mentoring Program structures.
  •  Tested skills on Communication.
  •  Her Experience on Family of Origin.


REV. AGNES MUMU, Joined the team 2017.

Rev. Agnes Mumu is a wife, mother, grandmother, certified VCT Counsellor and a career woman with a background in Nursing. She is also a Pastor at Neema Church International (NCI), Migadini, Mombasa. What is so striking about Rev. Agnes Mumu is her youthfulness that does not agree with her age. She is calm, smiling and full of wisdom.

She brings on team wisdom and knowledge from: –

  •  Her 34 years in Nursing.
  •  Her 21 years in Pastoral Ministry.
  •  Her 40 Years in Marriage.


MRS. LUCY MUTETHIA, Joined the team 2017.

Lucy Mutethia is a wife, mother, and a career woman with a background in Education. As a graduate with five years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, she brings on team a wealth of knowledge in child psychology which FAMU Solutions incorporates in Parenting Sessions. Having been married for more than 20 years, she has developed a mature and responsible approach to resolving and handling life’s challenges. The first impression that attracts you to her is how jovial she is. This makes her very approachable and easy to engage in a conversation.


MRS. JUDY MWANGI, Joined the team 2017.

Judy Mwangi is a wife, mother and a career woman with a background in Accounting. As an Accountant with 17yrs in Accounting Administration, she brings on team a wealth of knowledge on Financial Management. Contrary to most accountants, Judy has a sense of humor that catches many off-guard. Having been married for the last 12 years and acquired some investments; she is passionate on empowering young women on Financial literacy in:-

  • Business and money.
  •  Family and money.
  •  Church and money.


MRS. FAITH OSIRO, Joined the team 2017

Faith is a Relationship Coach, Speaker, Blogger and Founder of Bliss or Blisters. She is passionate about reigniting intimacy in marriages through experiential activities, and inspiring hope of fulfilling unions to couples planning to get married by equipping them with the necessary pre-marital preparation. A trained Psychological Counsellor, Faith believes that understanding one-self is a crucial foundation to overcoming various difficulties and limitations that we face and is therefore an enthusiast of self-awareness and personal development.


MS. BINA MASENO, Joined the team 2017

Bina Maseno is the founder of Badili Africa an Initiative that empowers young people to be active in matters governance & democracy and aims to change young women’s perspective of politics.

She’s a former media reporter at K24 TV. She vied for a political seat as a member of county assembly (MCA) during the 2013 general elections. Bina is a speaker on matters of Leadership and Active citizenship. She’s a graduate from United states international university with a degree in Media studies and International relations. Her dream for Africa is to see the youth and general citizens rise up and play a leading role in democracy, policy, peace sustainability and development.



Nairobi, Kenya


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