A Cup Of Tea With Mum Forum (TWM)

​A Cup of Tea with Mum, a quarterly forum for singles, is an initiative tailored for dating singles to equip and empower them with biblical foundations on marriage and relationships. Anchored in biblical principles stated in (Deuteronomy 6); A Cup of Tea With Mum; aims at raising young men and women who will embrace godly values in relationships and marriages. Each quarter of the year, we invite different speakers to forum. #Bringing the relationship conversation back home. Check out www.acupofteawithmum.com blog for weekly inspiration.

Wives In The Making Forum (WIM)

Who is a Wife in the Making?

Wives In the Making (WIM), is a Devotional Facebook Group for wives formed to encourage and inspire wives to pursue Godly Wisdom. We hold an Annual Conference in the month of July.

  1.  A Wife in the Making is a Noble Woman, (Prov. 31:10).
  2.  A Wife In the Making is a Woman of Honor, (Isaiah 64:8).
  3.  A Wife In the Making is a Woman of Wisdom, (Prov. 24:3-6).
  4.  A Wife In the Making is a Woman of Faith, (Heb. 11:6).
  5. A Wife In the Making is a Woman of Purpose, (Ex.9:16).
  6.  A Wife In the Making is a Woman of Contentment, (1 Tim. 6:6).
  7. A Wife In the Making is a Mentor, (Titus 2). If you would like to grow in Godly wisdom, join the WIM Family Community on Facebook.




Marriage Without Mask Forum (MWM)

Marriage Without Masks is an Annual Dinner for couples. Many couples go for years feeling lonely, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled in marriage, without ever admitting it. Though involved in the most intimate relationship life has to offer, they remain completely untouched at the center of their beings. In our Marriage Without Masks Forum, we share knowledge to those who would love to experience more intimacy in marriage. We share ways to discover how to create an atmosphere of shared secrets, complete acceptance, and genuine trust through nurturing the eight types of intimacy.    



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